Spence offers foreign and domestic study programs to Upper School students. These programs provide students with a wider range of experience in learning and the opportunity to meet and work with students from other schools. A student may choose to attend one study program in the course of her years at Spence. Spence financial aid does not transfer to the programs listed below.

Programs Abroad

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  • School Year Abroad (SYA)

    School Year Abroad (SYA) sponsors yearlong programs in China, France, Italy and Spain and is open to students in Grades 11 and 12. Sponsored by a consortium of top independent schools, SYA accepts students from public and private schools across the United States.
  • Language Trips

    The Foreign Studies Program is designed to give students the opportunity to experience another culture and to improve their proficiency in a foreign language. The Modern and Classical Languages Department encourages study abroad and works with third-party organizations to support students with their academic programs in other countries. Recent countries visited include Peru, China, France, and Spain.
Spence juniors may elect to spend one term at the High Mountain Institute, Chewonki Maine Coast Semester or The Mountain School. Applications for the programs are available in the winter of sophomore year.

In these programs, Grade 11 students from schools all over the country have the opportunity to pursue their studies in a significantly different living and learning environment. Juniors may attend these co-ed programs, compatible with Spence’s curriculum, in either the fall or winter/spring semester.

Study Away - Programs in the US

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  • High Mountain Institute

    High Mountain Institute, near Leadville, CO, is a semester program that focuses on wilderness education within the context of a traditional junior-year curriculum. Students participate in three wilderness excursions that challenge them to learn both about their environment and themselves.
  • Chewonki Semester School

    Chewonki Semester School, located on the Chewonki peninsula in Maine, emphasizes a challenging academic program enriched by the experience of farm chores and environmental studies while also staying grounded in its commitment to community building.
  • The Mountain School

    The Mountain School (affiliated with Milton Academy) is housed on a 300-acre farm in Vershire, Vermont. Students are expected to join in the daily farm chores while pursuing academic studies that emphasize environmental consciousness.