The Annual Fund is the lifeblood of all fundraising efforts for Spence. Our entire community comes together each year in support of the Annual Fund. The need is real and each girl benefits. Beyond the very important dollars we must raise each and every year, your participation in the Annual Fund reflects the strength of our community, and our shared commitment to our students.
The Annual Fund helps pay for everything from faculty salaries and professional development opportunities to new curriculum initiatives, from financial assistance programs to technology maintenance and upgrades, from the electricity needed to keep the lights on to supplies and books. It helps Spence attract and retain a talented and committed faculty and provides support for extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, arts initiatives and other programs.

2022-2023 Parent Annual Fund Volunteers

Annual Fund Co-Chairs
Heather Cross Berger ’95, P’25, P’29
T. Jordan P’27
José Tavarez P’27, P’29

Annual Fund Parent Class Captains
Sam Feinstein
Tobi Katz
Kathryn Koch
Shilpa Nadella
Grade 1
Erika Bearman
Markos Drakotos
Bobby Fallon
Lola Oguntunde-Waterman
Danielle Segal
Phil Sherrill

Grade 2
Rob Diamond
Samantha Warshauer Heffner ’98
Katie Klein
Alisa Mall
Liliana Psaki
Roopesh Shah
Grade 3
Dana Feigenbaum ’98
Rosina Giuliante
Kendall Ley
Lola Temple

Grade 4
Rachael Levine
Bryce Markus
Rodes Ponzer
Donny Reid
Grade 5
Blair England ’91
Travis Hennings
Kate Hudson
Erika Liles
Shilpa Mullan

Grade 6
Heather Cross Berger ’95
Marty Laiks
John Lambert
Daryl Patterson
Steve Scotford
José Tavarez
Juan Uribe
Grade 7
Betsy Frank
Nickie Greene
Julie Kwak
Lauren Kleinberg Levy ’93
Erica Samuels

Grade 8
Dana Wallach Jones ’93
T. Jordan 
Ahrin Mishan
José Tavarez
Grade 9
Roz Davis
Seneka Johnson
Stephanie Benzaquen Levey ’93
Tracey Strauss ’93

Grade 10
Allison Carneal
Lauren Kleinberg Levy ’93
Bryce Markus
Kiran Melwani
Daryl Wout
Grade 11
Virginia Apple
Eric Davis
Martha Sharp
Kate Walsh

Grade 12
Cameron Alexander
Mary Cannon
Joan Cummins ’83
Moon Kim
Kathleen McCabe

SUPPORT section

The Annual Fund is a collective endeavor that fuels the mission and makes Spence balanced and whole. Each gift not only represents a contribution of spirit, but also a means of making every day extraordinary.

List of 2 members.

  • Emily Stone 

    Director of Development
  • Richard Hutzler 

    Director of Annual Fund and Donor Relations