Summer & Further Study

Summer Internships

The Spence Internship Program provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills to real world contexts and embody Clara Spences motto of Not for school but for life we learn.” Regardless of the focus—working with online music editorial staffs, assisting administrators in a charter school or shadowing surgeons in a major hospital—our students deeply value their internship experiences. The experience provides our students with new skills, greater confidence and expanded interests.

Summer internships typically involve a student working any where from three to six weeks, starting in June or the beginning of July. The student can work directly with the mentor or alongside other volunteers at the organization—mentors will get a highly motivated partner who will bring energy and fresh ideas to work each day. The former president and CEO of, a provider of two internships, shares What was so spectacular for us is how they were immediately able to deliver [because of] the way they were trained at Spence from both a skills and confidence perspective. They far outshone several of the college interns working here at the same time.” He added Spence students are “already being asked for again” at his company.