Summer & Further Study

Spence Code Camp

Spence Summer Coding Camp: Video Game Workshop 

Camp Dates: June 19 - 23 and June 26 - 30, 2017 
Camp Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM - 3 PM 
Camp Fee: $1,500

Have you ever wondered how your favorite video game works? Are you fascinated by how characters or objects in video games come to life as you control them? Are you interested in learning how to code while creating video games? If your answered “Yes!” to any or all of the above, then Spence’s Summer Coding Camp is for you! It’s a two-week, project-based exploration of computer programming immersed in the design and implementation of interactive video games. After learning the basics, we will make some classic games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Pong, and Frogger using the Processing programming language. Toward the end of the program, we will create our own games in small groups. Dr. Iwerks, a mathematics and computer science teacher at Spence (who loves video games), will serve as the instructor.

Please note that this camp is for students entering grades 9-12 and graduating seniors. Non-Spence Students are welcome to attend.