We invite you to explore The Spence Schools large and considered educational vista of opportunities for students in Grades K-12, which joins our students academic promise with exceptional teachers who have made a profound commitment to educating young minds. Our teachers goals are to meet students’ potential with a challenging curriculum that fuels their learning and their growth as scholars and human beings of the highest order.

There is great joy in being a K-12 school and developing a structured and fulfilling curriculum focused on the framework and lens of young girls and young women. Our all-girls’ environment puts importance on self-agency, couples high expectations with open possibilities of academic leadership and embodies what it means to share sisterhood and womanhood in defining our own education.

Ultimately, our charge is to prepare our students for the world ahead—ensuring that when they go beyond our Red Doors, they are ready for a vibrant citizenship with purpose, passion and perspective, and we welcome that challenge with open arms.

Spence’s Long Range PlanTeaching and Learning at Spence 2025: “An Intellectual and Moral Adventure,” serves as our strategic guide as we continue to explore innovations in pedagogy and curriculum.