Spence is committed to offering students varied opportunities for extracurricular participation. The School believes that participation in extracurricular activities enables students to develop talents that may find little expression in the classroom. Extracurricular activities often require collaboration between students, rendering the process of involvement as important as the finished product. Because Spence is a small school with a cohesive community, many students have the opportunity to assume a leadership position in an organization or club by the time they graduate.

Club offerings vary from year to year depending on student interest; not all of the activities listed below will be active in a given year.

Middle School Clubs

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  • A Cappella

    Grades 7-8

    The Middle School A Cappella club is open to all students in Grades 7 and 8 who have a passion for singing. The group sings contemporary music in an a cappella style. At the beginning of each year, members of the club choose the songs that they want to sing, and student leaders work with a faculty advisor to create arrangements and teach them to the ensemble. The club performs for the Middle School community at a spring assembly. 
  • Athletic Association

    Grades 5-8

    The Athletic Association’s purposes are to publicize and promote Middle School athletic events, to maintain and strengthen school spirit and, through special events, to bridge the gaps between Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. Membership consists of Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 students. There is a written application process upon joining. There is no after-school commitment associated with the MS Athletic Association.
  • Asian Culture Club

    This is an outgrowth from the Chinese Language Club that seeks to explore and learn about various Asian cultures that interest the members of the clubs. They will explore traditions, practices, values and norms from places such as China, Japan, India, Korea, Pakistan and more. The members might choose to learn about current and past events in those cultures, that help to shape these vast cultures. In addition, the club members will help to plan and implement the Lunar New Year Celebration.
  • Cooking Club

  • Creative Writing Club

  • Debate Club (MS)

    Grades 5-6

    The 5-6 Debate Club is a place for students to learn the principles of a well-reasoned argument. This is a place to learn to argue effectively and where students learn to listen to one another. This club is a place to help hone public speaking skills and teamwork. It requires a fairly regular attendance, since once the year gets underway, some preparation will be required from week to week. 
  • Documentary Club and Fiction Film-Making

    Grades 6-8

    The Documentary Club is open to students in Grades 6 to 8 who are interested in learning how to plan, script, shoot and edit short, nonfiction films that will be shared at two Middle School assemblies during the school year. Club members will work collaboratively on projects that may range from serious topics to lighthearted and humorous ones. In the process, students will practice professional camera, sound, lighting and editing techniques. They will also learn how to conduct effective interviews and how to efficiently create or gather other important program elements.
  • Engineering Club

    Grades 6–8

    The Engineering Club introduces its members to engineering in a very exciting way – by exploring hands-on projects every week. For example, the Upper School club leader will give a brief lesson on turbines and then have members construct their own turbines. Other activities may include building a solar water heater, a desalinator and a paper bridge – all by using classroom materials such as aluminum foil, cardboard and tape. No advanced math or physics is required since the projects are based mostly on intuition and problem-solving skills. 
  • Environmental Club (MS)

    Grades 5-8

    The Middle School Environmental Club is committed to finding ways to address the ecological problems facing our planet. Specific concerns/projects have been: composting at Spence; letter writing on such issues as resource extraction, bottled water and the Farm Bill; promoting sustainable, fair trade issues by selling chocolate and tagua nut carvings; donating the money made by sales to support good causes; screening important movies; and appreciating nature in Central Park via the Birdathon and walks on the east side of the Reservoir.
  • First Lego League

    A team of up to 10 people participate in a challenge. The challenge has three parts: the Robot Game, the Project, and the FLL Core Values. For the Robot Game, the team programs an autonomous robot to score points on a themed playing field. For the Project, the team develops a solution to a problem they have identified in how people get rid of trash. The team is guided by and judged on the FLL Core Values, in which cooperative teamwork is essential. The team will attend an official tournament, hosted by our First Lego League Partners.
  • Gay Straight Alliance

  • Math Olympiad Club

    Open to Grades 5-6, each grade meets once a week to practice and prepare for five Olympiad contests each year. Club members work on engaging and challenging math problems at each meeting. We practice and share creative problem solving, and we have FUN doing math!
  • Math Team

    The Middle School Math Team is open to all Middle School students in Grades 6 to 8 and is focused on preparing students for mathematics competitions. Members of the team work in groups and individually on challenging mathematics problems that are mostly drawn from past competitions. Some of the competitions the Math Team competes in are MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competition.
  • Minecraft Club

    Middle School Minecraft Club meets every week. Minecraft is a first-person sandbox game that facilitates cooperation, teamwork and digital citizenship among the players as they mine for materials, build structures and form a working society in a fully realized, randomly generated world.
  • Music Club

  • MSNews

    The Middle School Newspaper, or MSNews, is an activity run primarily by eighth-graders who recruit reporters from their grade, and Grades 5-7. The eighth-grade editors complete the layout for two to three issues per term. All Middle School students are invited to submit age-appropriate articles that may include descriptions of student life, teacher interviews, short stories, poetry, and book, theater and film reviews. MSNews encourages students to write creatively and conduct research. The number of our new fifth-grade students is limited to two per homeroom during the first term. 
  • MS Poetry Club

    The Middle School Poetry Club (MSPC) meets weekly to write original poems. Each student is supplied with a composition book and optional prompts that enhance risk-taking and literary exploration. The MSPC sponsors various MS assemblies throughout the year. Assemblies from recent years featured poetry from the Favorite Poem Project where staff, faculty and students from all levels chose their favorite published poems; a presentation of the winning poems of the MS-wide poetry contests, judged anonymously by club members; poetry awareness presentations (e.g. giving information on the difference between a metaphor and simile, or introducing erasure and collage poems); and assemblies that feature the year's best MSPC member poems. The MSPC has also hosted bake sales on behalf of literacy-themed charity groups.
  • Musical Theater Group

    Musical Theater Group is a fantastic opportunity for middle-schoolers who share a love of theater to come together and put on a musical. This mostly student-run group gets together two mornings per week, and members work on choreography, blocking, singing, costumes and props. In the past, the club has performed the musicals Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mary Poppins, and we intend to perform Alice in Wonderland this year. Not only is the club looking for performers, but also for costume and set designers, and for backstage hands. Middle School Musical Theater Group is the perfect place for you to develop new talents, and let your old talents shine!
  • Page Turners Club

    Page Turners is a Middle School club that focuses on books and reading. There are two different Page Turners clubs: one for fifth- and sixth-graders and one for seventh- and eighth-graders. The clubs will meet in the Middle and Upper School Library on Wednesdays during Middle School lunch (in alternating weeks). In Page Turners, we will read and discuss books from different genres. The main goal of the club is to explore terrific books that are hidden gems – those books that you might not have heard of that fly a little under the best-sellers radar. We begin with realistic fiction and then move on to fantasy, historical fiction and science fiction. If you like to read, please join us!
  • Sketch Book Club

    This club is for sixth- and seventh-graders who want a time and place to work in their sketchbooks. Sketchbooks and pencils will be provided for those who don’t have them. This is an opportunity to explore your interest in design, doodling, Manga, graphic novels and any other fantastical thing you might want to put in a sketchbook. 
  • Social Action

    This club hopes to make a positive difference in the world by looking at issues that affect our community: girls, schools, New York City, our country and the world. The main focus of the club is to educate others about issues, such as social justice and equity, that we deem important or of interest, and explore how we can help make changes. We hope to aid in making changes by fundraising, advocacy and service.
  • Student Council (MS)

    Three elected students from each grade level of the Middle School form the Middle School Student Council. Students in Grades 7 and 8 are elected by their classmates for yearlong terms, and students in Grades 5 and 6 serve for half of the year, giving the younger members of the Middle School more opportunities to run for and serve on the Council. Council members plan and run Friday morning meetings for the Middle School, implement spirit-building activities and support Middle School initiatives. The Council meets weekly and is advised by the Head of Middle School.
  • Students of Color Affinity Group

    The purpose of this group is to affirm the racial and cultural identities of students of color by providing time for them to come together and openly discuss issues pertinent to them. In addition to bringing up topics for group discussions, students will also participate in structured activities that explore identity and diversity. Participation is voluntary and open to all Middle School students who identify as people of color.
  • Yoga Club

    Yoga club is open to seventh- and eighth-graders, regardless of experience, who want to relax and release tension in the middle of the day while also building strength and flexibility. We will be starting with basic poses and building on them to eventually learn more complex poses. This is a vinyasa style class, which means we will flow from one pose to the next (almost like a dance at times). This club will meet in the PEP room. It is not necessary to change your clothing for the class (just bring a pair of leggings or shorts).