Distinguished Seniors
This group of student-athletes brings honor and special distinction to their teams and, most importantly, their reach extends to touch the entire Spence community. Collectively, they represent the entire program with honor—demonstrating the character of champions, poise and composure of all-stars and a special True Blue pride in their team, sport and their School. Individually they are dedicated, diligent, generous of spirit, and they have raised the bar of expectation for their teammates and presented excellent examples of self-leadership for their teams. Each has represented the Spence program as leaders and role models. We are proud to recognize them with distinction for what they leave with our community: a lofty standard of excellence that others aspire to reach.

Ava F. (Volleyball)  
Charlotte G. (Cross Country and Badminton)
Sam H. (Soccer, Indoor Track and Badminton)
Jade K. (JV Volleyball and Badminton)
Mabel L. (Tennis)
Chloe P. (Squash)
Savannah R. (Swimming and Lacrosse)
Louise W. (Squash and Badminton)
Marissa F. (Soccer, Basketball, Track)
Sylvie B. (Swimming)
Scholar-Athlete Achievement Award
In an environment as demanding as Spence, it takes sacrifice, drive, focus and commitment to balance excellence as a leader in the classroom, in the community, as well as in the competitive arena. These two scholars have reached exceptional heights in all three areas, while doing so as team captains, league All-Stars and active leaders in our Spence community. Both are exceptional examples of the embodiment of the true essence of a “student-athlete.”

Mary Ben A. (Softball)
Eliza B. (Softball)
All-Around Athlete Award 
The All-Around Athlete Award is presented to the senior student-athlete who has participated on a variety of teams and has exhibited outstanding athletic ability and versatility in each arena.
Sara Rose S. (Cross Country, Indoor Track and Lacrosse) 
The White Blazer
One of the oldest Spence Athletics traditions beginning in 1985, this award is given to the senior student-athlete who exemplifies determination, sportsmanship, cooperation, integrity, dedication, initiative and leadership. The White Blazer represents the willingness to lead by taking the road less traveled and the strength and courage to negotiate that road, regardless of the obstacles or challenges placed along the path.
Eloise F. (Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track)
The Marilyn Lunnetta Spirit Award
This year marked the eighth presentation of the Marilyn Lunnetta Spirit Award; it is presented in Ms. Marilyn Lunnetta’s memory to the senior who best personifies the qualities of love of competition, selfless sacrifice for the betterment of her team and Spence Athletics. The most important component, however, is the recipient’s embodiment of Ms. Lunnetta’s own words: “Nothing supersedes kindness, not intellect, not motivation…if kindness leads us, we cannot fail.” The award recipients will serve annually as an example for future generations of the pride and spirit demonstrated by Ms. Lunnetta.
Bailey M. (Volleyball) 
Esme L. (Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track)

The Denise Adorante Founder’s Award
The inaugural Denise Adorante Founder’s Award is presented in recognition, celebration and honor of the founder and architect of the rock-solid foundation of our Spence Athletics culture for excellence, Ms. Denise Adorante. It is awarded to a 12-season senior student-athlete, one who’s impact on each of her three teams was immediate, transformative and has been instrumental in elevating not just her teams, but our collective program.

Emma vB. (Soccer, Basketball and Track & Field)