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Spence Students Rank High at National and City-Wide Math Contests

Congratulations to junior Avery C. and senior Audrey W. on their accomplishments at this year’s American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME). Both students qualified by being in the top 5% of math students who took the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) exam. 

The AIME is a selective three-hour math test consisting of fifteen questions. Avery answered three out of fifteen questions correctly, which is a great score in line with top Spence students in the past. Audrey solved nine out of fifteen correctly—a new school record. She scored in the top 2.5% on the AMC (earning Distinction) contest, and because Audrey's AIME score is in the top 5%, she is in the top .25% of AMC contestants.

This places Audrey on the cusp of qualifying for the next round, the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO), which is the qualifying contest for the USA national math team. Congratulations, Audrey!

In addition, the results from the fall round of The New York City Interscholastic Math League (NYCIML) math contests are in, and the Spence Math teams who competed in Junior and Soph-Fresh divisions have scored impressive individual and team results. 

Grades 9-10 and Grade 11 teams placed second in two divisions of the competition. Junior and Math Team co-president Avery C. placed an impressive first place in her individual division while Melissa L., also junior and co-president earned fourth place in that division. The Grades 9-10 division also bested four specialized high schools, and Grade 10 student Cindy W. placed fourth in her division. The Spence Gold Team is the only all-girls team in the NYCIML competition.

“We’re really proud of how both our teams did,” said Melissa. “Everyone is always so dedicated to coming to practice and collaborating with one another—if someone needs help with a problem, someone else is always there to explain—and I think that’s what allowed us to do so well.”

“I think that team spirit allows for success—to echo Melissa, we stress collaboration. For instance, if one person has very quick insights into problem-solving and another is fast at computations, they can cooperate really effectively. Our team members are also very creative mathematicians, maybe thanks to Exeter,” said Avery. “We love Math Team!”

Congratulations to all Math Team competitors!

Grade 11 Team
Avery C.
Melissa L. 
Sophia H. 
Caroline D.
Ivy J. 
Zoe D-S. 
Kyichu T.

Grades 9 and 10 Team
Cindy W.
Atticus F.
Ella K.
Sahana C.
Zoe Z.
Jocelyn S.
Jane S.
Teddy G.
Selina P.
Hannah C.
Cindy M.
Mei A.
Amelia B.
Ruhi R.
Alexa W.
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