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Student-Led Pop Up Club: Code Cave

Inspired by their zeal for coding, Grade 6 students Liv B. and Rachel S. recently launched the pop-up club, Code Cave, which they describe as “the ultimate coding club for beginners to advanced coders.” 

Over the course of three meetings, the club leaders will teach their peers how to build their own website using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Within these personal websites, students are encouraged to include photos, stories, and art, allowing them to flex their creativity while establishing and strengthening their foundational coding skills. The club leaders guide the meetings by walking through presentations that outline each step of the process with helpful examples.

In order to establish Code Cave, Liv and Rachel collaborated to formally create the club’s objectives, curriculum, timeline, and more. Pop-up clubs are a place of innovation and ingenuity where divisional staff, faculty, or students (with a faculty advisor) can propose a club as a way to further explore a passion, hold an open forum, or pursue a project.
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