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Spence Indoor Track & Field Win AAIS Championship for 4th Straight Year

At the 2022 AAIS Indoor Track Championship, there was a noticeable change in the plan from previous years. The Sabers, 3-time defending AAIS Champions, never content to rest on their laurels, went to work on a new and slightly different path to their 4th title, but maybe their most impressive to date. 
In earning their unprecedented 4th AAIS Championship, the Sabers managed to do something even more remarkable than in their previous three Championships; every single athlete entered in the meet scored points for the team!
In the Jumps and Throws Spence scored 56.5 points.
In the High Jump, Olivia S., Bea G. and Alexy C. each scored for Spence. In the Long Jump, Ellis C. and Anna Z-B. scored for Spence, while Grace S. scored and also captured silver. In the Triple Jump, Sky P. and Gwendolyn N. collected points as Grace S. pounced on her second silver medal in the jumps. Grace rounded out her evening of field event dominance with the gold in the Shot Put, and was joined by Bea and Oliva in garnering more event points for the Spence coffer.
In the Sprints and Hurdles Spence scored 40 points.
The 55m Hurdles saw Alexy C. and Maddie S. garner event points, while Anna Z-B. scored and also collected the event silver medal. In the 55m Dash, Avery S. scored for Spence and Ellis C. captured event gold with a time of 7.84 seconds. Ellis was not done with her “Run Fast Take Chances” performance, collecting gold with a time of 44.07 seconds in the 300m Dash, with Avery again garnering important points for the cause. 
In the distance events, Spence scored 37 points.
Maddie S., Bea G. and Emily K. all grabbed points in the “longest sprint”, the 600m Run. Maddie’s 1:43.77 was good for 3rd in the event. In the 1000m, Maddie was at it again, capturing 3rd in the 1000m, with Sky P. and Julia F. also chasing down points for the Sabers. With a monster double, Sky P. finished 4th in the 1500m and Julia F. scored in yet another event. In the grueling indoor 3000m, Lucy M-N. and Honey H. finished 4th and 5th respectively to round out the distance scoring spree.
In the Relays, Spence scored 24 points.
In the 4x800m Relay: Emily K., Honey H., Lucy M-N. and Maia L. collected the silver medal with a time of 10:48.57. In the 4x200m Relay: Avery S., Anna Z-B., Olivia S. and Alexy C. raced to a 3rd place finish with a time of 1:58.15. And then came the exclamation point on a flawless TEAM performance from the Sabers in the culminating event of the meet, the 4x400m Relay. Maddie S., Sky P., Ellis C., and Bea G. collected gold with an impressive time of 4:18.52, a full eight seconds ahead of the field. 
The Sabers roared to a truly special team PAWformance, 2022 AAIS Indoor Track Champions!
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