Alumnae Association

The Spence Alumnae Association is governed by the Alumnae Board of Directors along with President Dana Wallach Jones ’93, Vice President Brooke Williams ’84 and Secretary Stephanie Cabrera Esenwa ’97 currently at the helm. We welcome all alumnae, whether you attended Spence for thirteen years, joined the School after Kindergarten, or left along the way, to take part in the Alumnae Association's offerings. If you are interested in joining any of the Alumnae Association’s committees, kindly contact us in the Alumnae Relations Office. We look forward to your participation!

Board of Directors 2021-2022

President: Dana Wallach Jones ‘93
Vice President: Brooke Williams ’84
Secretary: Stephanie Cabrera Esenwa ’97
Alumnae Outreach Chairs:
Tory Jennings Diamond ’97        
Pilar Queen ’99             
Kate Wellde ’11
Annual Fund Chairs:
Sylvia Totah Calabrese ’69
Meredith Rubel Lipsher ’86
Samantha Warshauer Heffner ’98
Emily Washkowitz Tarkan ’04
Diversity Chairs:
Denise Burrell-Stinson ’91
Degan Mercado Leopold ’99
Danielle Holman ’10
Planned Giving Chairs:
Antonia Abraham ’99
Jillian Merns ’01
Nominating Chairs:
Allyson Mitchell Waterman ’85  
Judith Joseph Jenkins ’91
Reunion Chairs:
Eden Williams ’87
Nazma Muhammad-Rosado ’92
Petra Hoerrner Eger ’02
Rebecca Blandón ’12
Gayle Jaeger ’52
Joan Mertens ’64
Susan Cullman ’67         
Meg Hester Giroux ’75  
Susan Ainsworth ’83
Lisa Partin Eiland ’87
Gaby Baron ’89
Denise James-Manuel ’89
Catherine Yatrakis Economakis ’90                                             
Betsey Kittenplan Pick ’90
Denise Burrell-Stinson ’91
Blair England ’91           
Caroline Grant ’93                                             
Lauren Kleinberg Levy ’93
Marinieves Alba ’94
Heather Cross Berger ’95
Kristin Ogdon ’96
Tory Jennings Diamond ’97
Jamie Beilin Joseph ’99  
Erica Roizen Belsky ’00  
Gen Sonsino ’00            
Samantha Rudin Earls ’02
Kielley Young ’02
Diane Kwon ’03                         
Arielle Nagler Sherrill ’03
Emily Washkowitz Tarkan ’04
Courtney Fleischman Tofsky ’04             
Remy Roizen Weinstein ’04
Sarah Kushner ’05
Jessica Shanken Reid ’05
Alex Lamm ’07  
Kim Ross ’07     
Marian Lewin ’08                                              
Katherine Aitkenhead ’15                      
Life Directors:
Barbara Pollock Youngman ’59
Lucy Cullman Danziger ’61
Nancy Steeger Jennings ’63

ALUMNAE section

Volunteer Today

If you are interested in becoming involved with the activities of the Alumnae Association, contact Alie Preefer in the Alumnae Relations Office. Thank you.