The Institute firmly believes that in an increasingly globalized world, studying world languages is the gateway to opening minds, transcending prejudices and increasing understanding of one’s own culture by developing appreciation for others. Be the goal professional or educational, and the purpose travel, business or leisure, learning a world language is a source of pleasure and mutual understanding. Hence, our goal is to create a vibrant cross-generational community of learners coming together to develop cultural awareness through a unique language experience.

Salon Series

Daytime or evening classes for adults and Upper School students

Our Salon Series will offer thought-provoking cross-cultural perspectives on issues exploring Freedom of Expression and Identity and Justice. Courses take into account and respond to participants’ interests and global current events using the most up-to-date and thought-provoking materials.

Spring 2019 Course Offerings and Registration

Together We Learn

Daytime language classes for children ages 3-5 and adults

Our “Journey from Our Home to The World: Together We Learn” class provides a unique opportunity for children and adults to engage in a shared journey through French and Chinese classes structured around fun activities and games as well as solid language and culture exposure.

Spring 2019 Course Offerings and Registration

After School

Weekly language classes for students ages 7-10 and adults

In French and Chinese classes offered this fall, students discover the richness of culture, enjoy delicious food and learn how to think in the language.

Spring 2019 Course Offerings and Registration

German Language and Culture class for adults and Upper School students

This is an intermediate, conversational course offered to students who wish to consolidate and advance their command and understanding of German language and culture.

Spring 2019 Course Offerings and Registration

Summer Program

Six-week summer school offering three levels of Spanish, French, Chinese and Latin for students in Middle and Upper School.

Summer 2019 Course Offerings and Registration

Two-week Crash Course for Travelers offering Spanish, French, Chinese and German for adults and Upper School students.

Summer 2019 Course Offerings and Registration

Institute Policies and Registration Sessions

Registration Deadline: (spring term) March 15, 2019
Refund: Withdrawals after the first class are nonrefundable
Spring Session: Week of April 1-June 3 (10 weeks)
Summer Program: Week of June 17-July 25 (6 weeks)

ABOUT section

“I was particularly impressed by how thorough your presentation of a balanced view on the topic of free speech in the French and American contexts and how timely in the aftermath of our recent U.S. elections and upcoming French elections... I was particularly moved by your discussion about identity, the distinction between fact and opinion, and the issue of freedom of speech vs. freedom of expression.”
— Class Participant