About Spence

Head of School

Investiture Ceremony

Felicia A. Wilks
15th Head of School
Wednesday, September 14, 2022
“Ms. Wilks’ demonstrated and exemplary leadership is characterized by her genuine warmth, humor, perspective, and clarity of priorities and purpose. She has a lifelong passion for all-girls’ education, and will lead our school with integrity, authenticity, and commitment to academic excellence and community. Ms. Wilks represents our highest ideals of a visionary educator who will sustain our mission and values with strategic intention and compelling care.”

—Board of Trustees

About Felicia A. Wilks

Felicia Wilks’ deep and versatile experience includes serving as teacher, department chair, diversity director, division head and assistant head of school in independent, Quaker, day, boarding, all-girls’ and coeducational schools. Most recently she served as the Assistant Head of School and the Upper School Director at Lakeside School, a nationally recognized school in Seattle, Washington. Her leadership in independent school education also includes serving as Upper School English Department Chair, and Director of Diversity at the Friends School of Baltimore, as well as the Head of Upper School at the Garrison Forest School, a renowned independent K-12 girls’ school with a coed preschool and national and international boarding program in Owings Mills, Maryland. Ms. Wilks graduated from the all-girls Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore and strongly believes in the mission of single-sex education for girls and women. Ms. Wilks holds a bachelor’s degree in African American Studies from Columbia University and a master’s degree in Writing from Johns Hopkins University.

Past Heads of The Spence School

1892   Clara Spence Founder
1923   Charlotte Sanford Baker
1929   Helen C. Miller
1932   Valentine Laura Chandor
1935   Dorothy Howard Sanderson ’12
1936   Dorothy Brockway (m. Osborne, 1938)
1952   Barbara Colbron
1970   Dustin Hull Heuston
1977   Juliana Schmemann
1981   Margaret A. Johnson, Interim Head
1983   Edes Gilbert
1998   Arlene Joy Gibson
2006   Nancy J. Elting, Interim Head
2007   Ellanor N. (Bodie) Brizendine
2022   Felicia A. Wilks