Building Community

Spence community members strive to be self-aware, conscious of history, committed to equity and curious and knowledgeable about the diversity in our School. We know that achieving excellence depends upon bringing a broad diversity of perspectives, methods and experiences to bear on how we teach, learn, play and live together. The education we offer our students is stronger because we intentionally and thoughtfully tap into the broad spectrum of our community. 
One of the School’s primary goals is to sustain a culture that emphasizes respect for all. Working teams across the K-12 spectrum create spaces for the Spence community to engage in an ongoing conversation and learning about diversity.

These Include:

• Parents and Guardians of Children of Color (PGCC), an affinity group for families with children of color at Spence, provides a venue for support and helps parents develop strategies for greater self-advocacy. 
• Tapestry, a multicultural committee of the Parents’ Association, has a mission to cultivate a more deeply connected family community—one that promotes understanding, respect and the inclusion of all individuals by valuing their differences.
• The Lower School Equity Team at Spence comprises faculty, administrators and staff who support equity- and diversity-related work within the community. 
• The Committee on Diversity and Equity of the Board of Trustees ensures that multiculturalism and diversity are at the forefront of the School’s priorities.
• The Alumnae Association’s Diversity Committee sponsors events and discussions for students, parents and alumnae, working to increase alumnae participation as mentors, role models and resources.
The Upper School Student Equity Council works to build strong connections between the student body and the administration and to ensure that all students and adults feel a full sense of belonging and affirmation at Spence.

ABOUT US section

"Spence promises that each family and student is treasured for individual differences as well as encouraged to develop a shared identity within the school community. From the administration, to teachers, to other parents, our family has been encouraged to share
our unique experiences with others and thus to become a part of what defines Spence."