Kindergarten - Grade 4

Children learn best in a stimulating and supportive atmosphere, one where each student is encouraged to be an active and responsible participant in the classroom and school. As they explore new ideas and deepen their understanding of their world, students are exposed to multiple perspectives both in and outside their school community.

Children are active learners and when they learn by doing, they begin to connect one idea to another, a process that continues as they grow and develop into more abstract thinkers. In the supportive and academically stimulating environment of an all-girls school, students in the Lower School feel free to express themselves and to develop their individual voices.

Our goal is for each student to feel that Spence is her second home. We work hard to continually create an environment where she can find her full self—her race, ethnicity and culture reflected in our program and in our building. Girls at Spence know they are vital members of the community and that they have the power to accomplish and achieve their goals.
Elizabeth Causey
Head of Lower School

Explore Our Curriculum

As a part of Grade 2’s Storyline focusing on urban planning, healthy living, homelessness and activism, students opposed the mayor's plan, TARP (Tent City Reorganization Plan), which they believed mistreated the homeless population of Blue River Greens, the city of their own creation. Inspired by the study of the Civil Rights Movement, the students decided to stage a sit-in, deliver a speech, and write and perform a protest song.