125 Years at Spence

One-hundred-and-twenty-five years ago, on October 4, 1892, Miss Clara Spence opened the doors of Miss Spence’s School at 6 West 48th Street. Our milestone anniversary, celebrated throughout 2016-2017, salutes The Spence School’s legacy as a nationally-recognized leader of education of girls and young women.


A Yearlong Salute to Spence

Founding Day Picnic
Parents Back to School Night
Alumnae Reunion

Acts of Service

Honoring our 125-year commitment to responsible citizenship, The Spence School is mobilizing its entire community to focus on social good—simple acts of service—as a hallmark of our anniversary celebration.

Featured Film


Clara Spence, a visionary educator, founded her school for girls in 1892, welcoming ten students to a brownstone on West 48th Street in New York City. These girls were among the first to benefit from Clara Spence’s firm belief that higher education for women was of paramount importance. The outside world of politics, the arts, and the community was embraced in her school and from the beginning Spence girls developed a keen sense of self-confidence and assumed their roles as significant members of the community. Clara Spence died in 1923 after leading her school for 31 years. 

Our Stories

125th Anniversary Our Stories

Our Stories is an initiative to share, collect and celebrate stories central to the history of the School in honor of the 125th anniversary. 

Read the first story in our series regarding Dorothy Warren, Class of 1925.

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  • Our 125th Task Force

    Robin Kiam Aviv ’79, Co-Chair
    Jennifer Hoine, Co-Chair

    Maiken Baird ’85
    Bodie Brizendine, Head of School
    Michael P. Clifford
    Suzanne Crow, Director of Libraries and Information Services
    Rebecca Danziger Gamzon ’87
    Erica Desai, Parents’ Association President
    Beth Handelsman, Assistant Head of Lower School for Programs               
    Carrie Hinrichs, Director of Advancement  
    Bill Jacob, President of the Board of Trustees
    Kimberly Kravis ’93
    Sarah Hermanson Meister ’90
    Betsy Pitts
    Taraneh Rohani, Director of Communications
    Anya Herz Shiva ’88, Alumnae Association President
    Aku Ude-Welcome
    Daryl Wout
  • Our Celebration Volunteers

    125th Celebration Event Co-Chairs
    Michael P. Clifford
    Carolyn Risoli
    Allyson Mitchell Waterman ’85
    125th Anniversary Film
    Maiken Baird ’85       
    Sara Banner
    Daphne Pinkerson
    Décor & Food
    Sharon Jacob
    Michelle McMaster
    Nandini Mukherjee
    Tristana Waltz
    Raj Keswani
    Troy Halterman
    Silent Auction
    Vanessa Cornell
    Tara Gordon Lipton '92
    Alexis McGill-Johnson
    Parent Underwriting
    Muffie Potter Aston
    Frank Baker
    Ann Coley
    Alexia Hamm Ryan
    Alumnae Underwriting
    Amanda Haynes-Dale ’68, Co-chair
    Hilary Singleton-Green Corman ’85, Co-chair
    Tracey Strauss ’93, Co-chair
    Samantha Warshauer Heffner ’98, Co-chair
    Anya Herz Shiva ’88
    Gabriela P. Baron ’89
    Dana Wallach Jones ’93
    Meredith Berkowitz
    Tiziana Bason
    Debbie Druker
    Parent Anniversary Ambassadors
    Tiffany Bowen, Kindergarten
    Jane Leibowitz Moggio '85, Kindergarten
    T. Jordan, Grade 1
    Holly Phillips, Grade 1
    Joe Drayton, Grade 2
    Toni Lauto , Grade 2
    Meredith Berkowitz, Grade 3
    Lizzy Markus, Grade 3
    Eric Davis, Grade 4
    Betsey Kittenplan Pick '90, Grade 4
    Ferha Sahgal, Grade 5
    Angie Tackney, Grade 5
    Melissa Walker, Grade 5
    Leslie Craige, Grade 6
    Kristina Kaplan Wallison '90, Grade 6
    Christin Shanahan Brecher '86, Grade 7
    Gail Van Brugge, Grade 7
    Jeanine Borthwick, Grade 8
    Sue Ann Kasdin, Grade 8
    Kim Kilgore, Grade 9
    Carol Lee, Grade 9
    Ileana Lopez-Balboa, Grade 10
    JR Tracy, Grade 10
    Sue Kim, Grade 11
    Chauncey Parker, Grade 11
    Sharon Singer, Grade 12
    Lee Squitieri, Grade 12
    Alumnae Attendance Co-Chairs
    Kit Smyth Basquin ’59
    Elizabeth Franzen Potter ’59
    Sylvia Calabrese ’69
    Meg Hester Giroux ’75
    Jennifer Clifford Danner ’77
    Susan Ainsworth ’83
    Julie Hootkin ’95
    Carolina Dorson Ponzer ’98
    Emily Washkowitz Tarkan ’04
    Parents of Spence Alumnae Ambassadors
    Mikel Witte P’98
    Pamela Awad P’03, ’12
    Cindy Edelson P’09, ’11
    Grandparent Ambassadors
    Gail Kittenplan P’81, ’84, 90, GP ’22, ’24
    Laurie Malman P’88, ’92, ’99 GP’24, ’27
    Carmen Perez P’89, GP’25
    Louise Hartwell GP ’26
    Susan Wallach P’93, GP’27
    Faculty and Staff Ambassadors
    Eileen Barrett
    Marie-Helene Estrade
    Donna Freel
    Scott Godson
    Adam Gonzaga
    Angie Gordon
    LaRita Gordon
    Khairah Klein