The Teach-In is a K – 12 celebration of learning, during which we suspend the normal schedule for the day and instead focus on learning experiences based on a common theme. From exploring NYC through resident-guided neighborhood walks to telling stories by making documentaries to listening to world-class experts speak about their field, the Teach-In is a powerful opportunity to explore the world around and within Spence. Beyond the fun and adventure that the Teach-In provides, it also builds a school-wide conversation about an important topic, provides an opportunity for faculty and students to teach in new ways and allows students to see that learning happens everywhere, not only within the walls of the classroom. Since its launch in 2008, Teach-In topics have included the study of global conflict, expeditions to the various corners of New York City, civics through canvassing polling places on Election Day and a special Tedx conference hosted at the 91st Street Building in 2014.