Outreach & Public Purpose

Interschool Leadership Fellows

The mission of the Interschool Leadership Fellows is to provide a space to practice and reflect on leadership in a cohort of peers, to grow self-awareness, and to build a toolkit for being effective leaders in their communities.
The curriculum for the Interschool Leadership Fellows program is built on six pillars that we believe are most important to developing strong leaders:

    1. Community – Leaders use their skills to serve a community greater than self.
    2. Reflection – Leaders take the time to consider all options, reflect on feedback, and choose a path of leadership based on the context of the situation.
    3. Experience – People become leaders by practicing leadership in authentic scenarios and projects.
    4. Awareness – Leaders have a strong sense of self-awareness and of group dynamics so that they can lead effectively.
    5. Theory – Leaders know different leadership theories and best practices as part of their leadership toolkit.
    6. Ethics – Leaders assess the ethics of their motives and the consequences for the community.