Purpose in Service Learning

Our Purpose in Service Learning program teaches students big ideas about their role in their community. Click here to download the slides below.
At Spence, the importance of service to the community comes from our founder, Clara Spence, a tireless reformer who believed that building both character and a sense of responsibility are crucial to a child’s education. This belief continues today as we live our mission to educate our students for life.

Our program is grounded in the development of strong partnerships with some of the city’s and nation’s most dynamic non-profit organizations. Through these partnerships, our students engage in meaningful service work that will familiarize them with the cause the organization works to address, provides students with meaningful opportunities to act and, finally, offers the students a chance to reflect. We further recognize that the best service work is mutually beneficial, so our partnerships are selected on the basis that both our partners and our students will be served from our work together.

The Outreach and Public Purpose Program helps our students understand, whether they are 5 or 18 years old, that needs exist both a few blocks and half a world away. We teach our students to engage with those working in service organizations as well as with those receiving services so that they learn the skills and confidence needed to take their seat at the table of those taking on our city’s, nation’s and world’s greatest challenges.

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