Spence institutionally engages the community with a variety of topics through our PA’s Tapestry Committee, the Lower School’s Parents and Guardians of Children of Color, the Diversity Council, the Alumnae Association’s Diversity Committee and the Board of Trustees’ 2009 Long Range Plan.

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  • K-12 Student Body

    In the 2016-2017 school year, students of color will make up 41 percent of the School population, while 19 percent of the student body will receive financial assistance for tuition and related expenses.

  • Parent Community

    PA Tapestry Committee: Tapestry’s mission is to create a community that promotes understanding, respect and the inclusion of all individuals by valuing their differences. Open to all Spence parents, Tapestry’s monthly meetings range from book discussions to talks with faculty, administrators, alumnae or students.

    Parents and Guardians of Children of Color (PGCC): PGCC is an affinity group that helps develop self-efficacy by increasing the capacity for discourse around diversity.

    Beyond Diversity for Parents: Spence parents have the opportunity to engage in this eye-opening 2-day workshop with the Pacific Educational Group.

  • Faculty and Staff

    Spence faculty and staff include 31 percent of people of color.

    Equity Council: A group of faculty, administrators and parents who support diversity-related work within the community, set multiyear goals, identify challenges and design initiatives in response. The council meets regularly as a steering committee with each member serving as a liaison to his/her constituency group, ensuring that all corners of the community are informed about the council’s plans.

  • Alumnae

    Diversity Committee: The Alumnae Association’s Diversity Committee sponsors events and discussions for students, parents and alumnae, working to increase alumnae participation as mentors, role models and resources for community members from diverse backgrounds.