At Spence, we believe in the power and the importance of affinity groups as well as interest groups. Middle and Upper School student clubs include the Afro-Latina Alliance at Spence (ALAS), Asian Focus Club, Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), International Issues and Girl Up Club, Jewish Culture Club and Spanish Club, among others. In addition to meeting independently, Spence affinity groups often collaborate and engage in cross-dialogue with one another and offer programming for the entire school community, nurturing fertile and rich conversations.

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  • Afro-Latina Alliance at Spence (ALAS)

    ALAS recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Be sure to read this story and view a photo gallery to learn more.

  • Asian Focus Club

    Asian Focus aims to educate and spread awareness of Asian cultures and traditions within the club and throughout the entire Spence community through food, films, music and school events.

  • Banana Splits

    Banana Splits is a group for students of separated and divorced families.

  • Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    The main objectives of GSA are to provide support and education in our community. The club is committed to providing a safe space for individuals who may be struggling with their identity, who may be experiencing harassment or discomfort at school because of their actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity or expression, and for students and faculty alike to talk about issues surrounding LGBT identities. We discuss questions such as: Why does Spence need a GSA? We will aim to bring in speakers and support organizations that help educate the larger community or provide aid to individuals who have been discriminated against because of their personal identities.

  • Jewish Culture Club

    Jewish Culture Club aims to educate and spread awareness of Jewish cultures and traditions within the club and throughout the entire Spence community.

  • Students of Color Affinity Group

    The purpose of this group is to affirm the racial and cultural identities of students of color by providing time for them to come together and openly discuss issues pertinent to them. In addition to bringing up topics for group discussions, students will also participate in structured activities that explore identity and diversity. Participation is voluntary and open to all Middle School students who identify as people of color.