Anti-Racism Task Force

Statement of Purpose

Spence recognizes and apologizes for the racism that has adversely and disproportionately impacted its Black students, faculty and staff, past and present. Spence is committed to eradicating racism and its legacy, and dismantling all racial hierarchies within our school community. The Task Force will call on every parent, trustee, guardian, student and employee to take responsibility for fostering an environment of safety and belonging for all students and members of the community.

Task Force Members

Bodie Brizendine
Marvin Cabrera
Arthur Chu
Renée Chung
Vanessa Cornell
Joe Drayton
Kaushiki Dunusinghe
Rachael Flores
Brooke Harris ’18
Rebecca Hong
Bill Jacob
Denise James-Manuel '89
Alexa Jimenez ’21
Dayna Joseph ’15
Khairah Klein
Adia Klein ’17
Kimberly Kravis ’93
Danni Lewis ’22
Bryce Markus
Alexis McGill Johnson
Ahrin Mishan
Nathalie Frédéric Pierre
Max Ramirez
Camar Robinson
Zahra Rock ’22
Meredith Rubel Lipsher ’86
Barbara Scott
Leticia Smith-Evans Haynes ’95
Stacey St. Rose
Laura Tan ’21
Aku Welcome
Daryl Wout