Graduating Students Present Advanced Art Portfolios

Graduating students in the Advanced Art Portfolio course presented work to peers and teachers during Upper School assembly. Each senior provided an overview of their breadth portfolio—a cross-section of work made within the last two years. “These works reveal all of the different subjects, varieties of media and visual approaches students explored,” said visual arts teacher Josh Dorman during his assembly introduction. Following their breadth portfolio, students shared individual concentration portfolios: a selection of works made during their final semester revolving around a theme or an idea that the student chose to explore in depth. 

Dorman shared with the audience the amount of effort he witnessed this group of students put in, working through moments of distress and celebration. “Pain can come from struggling to match what you’re making to an image you have in your mind, or it can come from having a blocked feeling, like you have nothing to say. But, as all of these students can tell you, the rewards of pushing through those existential challenges are profound. The satisfaction of seeing a work of art click into place after multiple failed attempts is immense.”

Paintings, animations, sculptures, photography, collage and other mediums were showcased across the varied landscape of student art. Congratulations to the graduating artists!

Kay G.
Christina M.
Cat V.S.
Clarissa L. 
Aniana G.
Jannah E-R.
Syd E.