Spence Attends Harvard Model United Nations

The Spence Model United Nations Club participated in the Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) conference in Boston, MA. Throughout the weekend, students learned how to negotiate and collaborate with each other by representing delegates from around the world coming together to discuss pressing international issues. Through rigorous debate, they considered policy proposals and worked towards solving important global problems.

Spence students earned impressive accolades: Taber C. ’23, (served on the Crisis Committee) was awarded Best Delegate, Samara B. ’23 and Micaiah A. ’23 (served on the UN Human Rights Council), Jennifer M. ’24 and Noa G. ’25 (served on the UN High Commissioner for Refugees) and Maddy C. ’23 (served on the Economic and Social Commission for Europe) were all awarded Diplomatic Commendation.

Students enjoyed group dinners, where they could reflect on their days and bond as a team. After reflecting on the trip, Taber C.’23 highlighted that “it was really exciting to meet other delegates from all over the world and learn about their customs and traditions.”

Congratulations to all the Model United Nations Club participants!

Katie H. ’23
Cristina T. ’23
Maddy C. ’23
Micaiah A. ’23
Taber C. ’23
Samara B. ’23
Anabel C. ’24
Georgia G. ’24 
Anya R. ’24
Jennifer M. ’24
Ava G. ’25
Noa G. ’25
Callie P. ’25
Sophie L. ’25
Chloe B. ’25
Charlotte C. ’25