Celebration of Dedication: Tenure Party 2022-2023

The 14-year tradition of celebrating longtime Spence faculty and staff continued this year, as Head of School Felicia A. Wilks saluted 26 honorees at the 2022-2023 Tenure Party.

Since its inception in 2008, the Tenure Party has recognized Spence faculty and staff at the outset of their milestone years. This year, Spence honored faculty and staff honoring their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 45th Spence anniversaries. 

The accolades shared by Wilks noted the distinct connections amongst honorees: a steadfast commitment to Spence’s mission, and to teaching and learning within the Red Doors. 

“There are so many common traits among today’s honorees that in our eyes and hearts are not at all common,” said Wilks. “Almost everyone being honored tonight is celebrated for having students and learning at the center of their work. They are the first to step forward when there is a need. Every ask is always met with a yes. They are great at problem solving and we count on them to do so time after time. They see the big picture, they see and respect their colleagues, they are lifelong learners, they are our ‘Go-to’ people, they inject humor and good cheer into our community. Their footprints extend in all directions to make Spence a better Spence.”

Congratulations to this year’s Tenure honorees; we are so grateful for your enduring dedication to Spence. 

Honoring 10 Years
Maggie Dubler
Jhonna Flores
Pistu McGuire
Ann Mead
Veronica Moor
Stephanie Romary
Laura Saltzman
Sandra Sewkaransing
Laura Turner

Honoring 15 Years
Margaret Atkinson
Danny Bousquet
Cynthia Ho-Donaldson
Corey Lind
Taraneh Rohani
Melissa Sanchez

Honoring 20 Years
Jacqueline Blandon-Zinser
Blas Frias
Juan Pinales
Rafael Vasquez

Honoring 25 Years
Traci Allen
Susan Mislove Donnelly

Honoring 30 Years
Alissa Blumberg
Jimmy Rodriguez
Eligio Zapata

Honoring 35 Years
Hope Chafiian

Honoring 45 Years
Christopher York