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Lizzy Dickson, Grade 4 Teacher, Receives 2022 Margaret Duckett Award

Head of School Bodie Brizendine, leading her final Closing Meeting for faculty and staff, announced this year’s recipient of the Margaret Duckett Award: Lower School teacher Lizzy Dickson. “Known for her calm presence, quiet competence, dry humor and inspiring commitment, this teacher’s contributions to the life of the community are truly extraordinary,” Brizendine shared as a part of Dickson’s award citation. Given annually since 1999, the award recognizes “an outstanding teacher who has made an extraordinary contribution to the quality of life in the Spence community in the tradition of Margaret Duckett who taught at Spence for 22 years.”

Dickson, who has taught at Spence for over a decade, “shows up, and she shows up ready to help, no matter the task at hand,” Brizendine said, noting that Dickson has been “nominated multiple times and over multiple years” for the honor. “A constant learner herself, this teacher makes learning new and in better ways to teach every part of her every day. And there’s nothing she likes better than joining with her peers to discuss teaching, learning and growing,” Brizendine shared. “Best yet, she loves, just loves being with her students. On a very fundamental and profound level, students understand that this teacher likes them, appreciates them for who they are and genuinely enjoys being around them.”

Brizendine also read the words of one of the nominations submitted on Dickson’s behalf: “Working with her is a privilege and a pleasure. She is a model of care and understanding. She works tirelessly to be the teacher that each of her students needs her to be and she fosters growth that is often amazing to behold.” 

As part of the award, Dickson will give a talk about teaching and learning at next year’s Closing Meeting. Congratulations Lizzy Dickson!