Spence Math Teams Triumph at the Fifth Annual Downtown Mathematics Invitational

Spence Mathletes were thrilled to be back in action at the fifth annual Downtown Mathematics Invitational (DMI) at Stuyvesant High School on Saturday, April 30, the first time in two years that the competition was held in person. Both teams, SPENCE GOLD and SPENCE BLUE, had an impressive run, facing off against 26 area public and independent high school teams. After four intensely competitive rounds, the SPENCE GOLD Team snatched the third-place title ahead of school teams including Trinity School (#4) and Brearley School (#9). The BLUE team finished in the middle of the competitive pack placing 15 out of 26 teams.
The SPENCE GOLD team was led by captains Sabine C. '22, Lila G. '22, Sky P. '23, and Cate S. '23 and joined by Lil H. '23 and Lucy M. '23. The SPENCE BLUE team was led by Megan F. '23 and Honey H. '23 and joined by Sophia H. '25, Melissa L. '25, Ana Lucia M. '22, and Jenny J. '22.
The six-hour competition began with the Team Round in which each team worked together in their own classroom to solve 10 problems. The SPENCE GOLD team was tied for first place, having correctly answered 9 out of 10 problems, and matching the score of teams from Hunter College HS, Trinity, and Bronx Science. Not to be left behind, SPENCE BLUE earned the second highest score in the competition, correctly answering 8 out of 10 problems and matching teams from Brearley, New Utrecht, and Bronx Science.
Spence’s “dominance in the team rounds” came as no surprise to senior captain Lila, who reflected on the importance of collective effort. “One of our main strengths as a team is that we are really good at working together and collaborating with each other,” shared Lila. “We organize ourselves really well for the team and power contests, having each person tackle a different question and having multiple people check another person's answer before we submit it.”
For the second event of the competition, the Power Round, the teams were given a list of mathematical definitions, some invented just for this contest! They collaborated for 60 minutes to solve computational problems and write proofs based on the invented definitions. In this round, collaboration, communication, and mathematical writing were key. SPENCE GOLD earned a 28 out of 30 points tying for a very close third place for the round! At the half-way point of the day, SPENCE GOLD in second place overall! SPENCE BLUE was ranked 10 out of 26 overall!
After a pizza lunch, the mathletes returned to the auditorium for the Individual Round. Each student answered 10 questions, given out two at a time, in 10 minute rounds. The pressure was on! The total points in this round matched all the points of the morning. SPENCE GOLD tied for sixth place in the round! Sabine C. earned the second highest individual score with a 9 out of 10, and advanced to a tie-breaker round in front of the entire auditorium. Problems were given one at a time and the students raced to be the quickest to answer each question correctly. Advancing through two rounds, Sabine finished as the fifth place individual! After 3 events and 6 hours, the SPENCE GOLD went into the final round tied with Trinity for third place overall!
In the final event, the Marathon Round, the teams collaborated to solve problems two at a time, racing their answers to a central table where they could pick up the next two problems. The round lasted 60 minutes and there was a live projection of team progress and scores displayed for the auditorium! Runners Lila G. for SPENCE GOLD and Honey H. for SPENCE BLUE got their exercise in! These Sabers knew how to pace themselves, collaborate, and answer with accuracy! SPENCE GOLD quickly pulled to second place in the race and held that position to cross the finish line in a decisive second place, earning their spot on the stage
for the medal ceremony!
“Spence was one of the most bonded, connected teams that attended DMI,” reflected Sabine. “Everyone contributed and cheered each other on. It was a wonderful contest and a great way to wrap up our Spence math careers.”

Congratulations to SPENCE GOLD for their third place overall finish! SPENCE BLUE proudly met their goal of finishing in the middle of the competitive pack at 15 out of 26!

Complete scores and rankings can be found at https://dmi.stuy.edu/archive.