Spence Math Team Triumphs in inteGIRLS Virtual Competition 

The Spence Math Team earned top honors in the inteGIRLS Virtual Math Competition, which included teams from dozens of schools from the New York and Chicago areas. Represented by three teams, the Spence mathematicians competed in individual, relay and collaborative rounds. A team represented by captains Lila G. ’22, Cate S. ’23, Skyler P. ’23 and Sabine C. ’22 placed third overall, and in the individual round, Sabine placed second among all contestants.

Spence had an especially strong showing in the relay rounds, as two Spence teams finished with 100% accuracy, with one earning the best speed in the entire competition. 

“We outlined who would answer each problem, because there’s a method to solving them,” said Lila, who noted that careful planning and strategy went into the preparation for the relay rounds. “You have to map out your competition.” 

Team members rely heavily on each other during this portion of the competition, explained Cate, as the answer to one problem is necessary to complete the next problem. “Being a close-knit team was very helpful,” Cate said. “We all know each other and know our skills.”

“We have a really dedicated team,” Sabine added, commending her teammates for their willingness to practice multiple times each week and compete on weekends. “We are really excited for our future competitions.”

Congratulations to all the Spence Math Team members who participated in the inteGIRLS competition, as represented by the following students:

Lila G. ’22
Cate S. ’23
Sabine C. ’22
Skyler P. ’23
Jordan M. ’23
Megan F.  ’23
Olivia M. ’23
Lucy M. ’23
Emilia G. ’22
Honey H. ’23