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Spence Mathematics Teacher Selected as University of Chicago Outstanding Educator

Spence Mathematics teacher Michael Gold has been selected as one of the 2021 University of Chicago Outstanding Educators, a distinguished award that honors teachers who “go beyond every-day teaching and leave an impression that is carried over a lifetime.” 

As a part of this 30-year tradition, the university asks newly admitted students to nominate an outstanding educator who has “challenged them intellectually, for the first time, opened new vistas of discovery, or channeled their private interests into paths for intellectual growth.” 

Gold was selected by Kate Davis ’21, who expressed her gratitude for the “lessons I’ll carry with me to college and long after.” “I’ve wholeheartedly loved calculus this year,” she shared with Gold, adding that despite his math course  being one of her most challenging classes at Spence, “You took away the stress and you reminded me that I don’t always need to be perfect.” 

Gold, who is in his third year of teaching at Spence, reflected on this recognition: “It means so much to me because it shows that our class last year felt supported and capable in conquering challenges—mathematical or otherwise.” “I always want all my students to feel like they can succeed in math, which definitely does not mean being perfect.”

“Contributions to the academic and personal development of young people are most deserving of recognition,” shared James Nondorf, University of Chicago Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, in his letter to Gold. “True learning is a collaborative experience that depends as much on the dedication of the teacher as it does on the motivation of the student, and your dedication to your profession is evident. Thank you for your commitment to your students and to the field of education.”