Upper School Student Receives Top Honors in Scholastic Writing Competition

Upper School writer and poet Tori F. ’22 has been recognized by NYC’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition for a work of flash fiction and two poems, which were awarded a Gold Key and two Silver Keys, respectively. Her work was selected for its originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal voice or vision from over 10,000 submissions across the five boroughs. 

Tori wrote “Thirty-Three Feet,” a flash fiction piece about time travel, during a summer creative writing program. “My class was challenged with writing a work of flash fiction in under 20 minutes,” said Tori, noting that she became so invested in the piece that she continued refining it outside of class. As a Gold Key recipient, this piece will be considered for a national medal, which will be announced later this year. Past honorees include esteemed authors such as Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates. 

Tori’s award-winning poems were composed in Ana Silva’s poetry elective. “The class introduced me to a breadth of poetry styles, including the Villanelle,” said Tori. “This style was my personal favorite, and was used as a foundation to write the poems ‘The Tide’s Swing’ and ‘Growing Pains.’”

Tori’s poetry came from her personal experiences: “My poem ‘The Tide’s Swing’ was inspired by the saying high tide, low tide, a long-lasting inside joke between my dad and me. ‘Growing Pains’ uses the metamorphosis of a butterfly as a symbol to represent the process of aging.”

Writing authentically, Tori shared, has been key to her success. “I find that I am able to come up with the best ideas when I just write what is true to myself and my experiences.”

“Creative writing has consistently been an outlet for me to express myself,” shares Tori, about developing her creative voice. “It has given me the opportunity to convey my creative side by integrating my real-life experiences with fabricated worlds that are not defined by boundaries or limitations.”

Congratulations, Tori!