Middle School Student Receives Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for Poetry

Seventh Grade poet Lucy T. has received top accolades from NYC’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition for three original works of poetry. Her work was selected from 10,000 submissions across the five boroughs based on three criteria: originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. 

“Poetry for me is a creative outlet as well as an emotional one,” shared Lucy. “I enjoy the limitless possibilities poetry holds. There is no rule stating the mandatory contents of a poem. There is only the judgement of the poet, their emotions and how they choose to express them.”

Lucy earned a Silver Key for “It Was Silent in this City,” a poem inspired by a trip she took to Boston. “I enjoyed the unfamiliar faces that I saw everywhere...I wondered about all of the different people who lived in the city and how they were connected to each other.” Lucy further explained that she wove her own personal experiences into the poem: “How were the lives led in Boston different from my own in New York? How are they similar? I tried to fold in memories of my own—there is a reference to a song my grandmother sang to me when I was a baby.” 

Prayer,” a poem Lucy wrote about looking for hope in times of need, also received a Silver Key. “I realized that in times of extreme turmoil there is never truly an easy way out or a wish that can be granted.”

Lucy’s piece, “The Edge of the Universe,” which earned an Honorable Mention, touched on the power of “the simple and mundane aspects of life” during hard times. “I was inspired by the blooming grass and forest that lay in my backyard.”

Poetry has been a longtime passion for Lucy, who has aspired to enter this competition since she was a student in Lower School. “I love writing and reading poetry and I could not have done this without the wonderful Spence English teachers I have learned from along the way,” said Lucy. “I hope that my writing resonates with its readers and makes them feel heard. I hope that whoever reads my poetry recognizes a piece of themselves inside it.”