Introducing The Nucleus, Spence’s New Science Magazine

The Nucleus, Spence’s new scientific magazine founded last spring by Sarah P. ’23, has released its second issue, the first of five this year. The magazine aims to amplify the voices of Spence girls in science and increase female scholarship and leadership in scientific research. 

Sarah founded The Nucleus, “with the purpose of enacting our School's mission of ‘Not for school but for life we learn,’ encouraging Spence students to pursue deep understanding of the world, become strong scientific thinkers and writers and explore any and all science topics.”

The publication covers a range of stories from climate change and life on Mars to the success of Spence’s science teamThe Nucleus not only highlights current events in science, but also the scientific research and academic programs taking place at Spence. The Nucleus team met virtually over the summer planning themes and developing plans for taking each issue from ideation to content production and publication. 

“Members of The Nucleus always try to report on current Spence science initiatives in addition to global news,” Sarah shared. “For example, we've already featured the ISR program and Spence students' participation in last year's Climate Change march.”

As Nucleus writers develop and refine content, they work closely with magazine advisors, Spence science teacher Dr. Onika Murray and Science Department Head Dalia Aidoo. 

“They give our team valuable feedback, generate topic ideas and inspire us to keep going,” Sarah underscored. “For example, they helped us turn the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning into an opportunity to research and write about the dangerous virus.”

“Each writer chooses to write an article for either the theme of the month, current science events, or a book review,” Sarah explained, noting that every staff writer will produce at least five articles a year that are edited by the magazine’s Senior Editors. “Each student goes through a different process of writing an article: Some choose to read lengthy scientific research papers, whereas others look into science articles, ultimately producing a piece with at least two different sources.”

In addition to the months-long research and writing process involved in content development, the magazine’s staff members have had to master web design as they work to format and lay out the publication. 

“We've had to learn how to use new, online softwares and navigate different editing techniques,” Sarah shared. “But it's worth the hours of effort when we see the finished product.”

Sarah emphasizes that, “The Nucleus team is open to everyone. We want writers, editors, and graphic designers. Everyone is welcome and needed to help this publication grow….we look forward to many more years of science research articles.”

“Women make up only 28% of the U.S. workforce in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM),” said Sarah, who was in Grade 9 when she approached Spence science faculty members about creating the publication. “I want to be part of promoting girls' confidence and scientific voices.”

Congratulations to the entire Nucleus staff for a successful magazine launch:

Editor-in-Chief: Sarah P. ’23

Senior Editors: Sabine C. ’22, Beatrice C. ’22

Staff Writers: Jordan M. ’23, Sophia K. ’23, Cristina T. ’23, Natalia R. ’23, Olivia S. ’23, Lauren R. ’23, Alison L. ’24, Sophia T. ’23