Spence ‘Voice’ Adapts to Publishing Remotely

The Voice, Spence’s award-winning student publication, continues to publish engaging and informative content while social distancing. Editor-in-Chief Emma H. ’20 reflects on how The Voice staff has adapted to the challenges of working remotely, and made the most of the opportunities to be creative and take risks.
“The editorial board has more responsibilities when working remotely,” Emma shares, noting that it is more challenging to communicate with staff members via email, text and video chats compared to working together in person in the Commons or the Dining Room. Without access physical workspace at Spence, and the technology, software, Emma adds, the editorial team also spends more time working in the laying out of the paper. 
Despite these challenges, social distancing has provided Voice staff with some unexpected opportunities. “The biggest change between the Voice before March 20 and after is that we now are publishing all of our issues solely online,” shares Emma. “Although it is frustrating that we aren’t able to publish a physical paper, there have been many benefits to publishing online. We are able to have every page in color, which…gives the artists more freedom to create their drawings or paintings without fearing their shading or colors will be washed out when we edit their art to make it black and white. In our next issue, we added color to the headlines and also created some shaded boxes to create an aesthetic that draws the reader in.”
The Voice editors remain focused on building upon their success after receiving a Gold Medal from the prestigious Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) this past fall, Emma adds. 
“We are continuing to improve our paper with guidance from the CSPA judges,” shares Emma. “We are hoping that our new, more colorful issue will earn us even more points for CSPA. We have taken risks when producing this issue such as writing a more personal editorial, adding games to the last page, and placing articles over semi-transparent art…It will be very interesting to see what the judges have to say about this issue in particular, and their comments may change the ‘look’ of The Voice forever.”