Spence Science Olympiad Team Takes Home Nine Medals

The Upper School Science Olympiad Team received nine awards at this year’s NY Regional Science Olympiad Tournament, breaking all records and setting a personal best in the history of the team. They also had the distinction of being the top performing all-girls school at the competition with a ninth-place finish overall. Competing alongside 650+ students across 29 schools, including Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Collegiate, Spence students won in the following categories:
1st: Detector Building (Julia M. ’21 & Anna G. ’21)
1st: Protein Modelling (Julia M. ’21 & Anna G. ’21)
1st: Write it, Do it (Erin C. ’20, Courtney L. ’20)
2nd: Anatomy & Physiology (Julie L. ’20 & Erin C. ’20) 
2nd: Code Busters (Tory G. ’20, Nancy X. ’20 & Sabine C. ’22)
2nd: Disease Detectives (Julie L. ’20 & Tory G. ’20)
3rd: Astronomy (Nancy X. ’20 & Sabine C. ’22)
3rd: Chemistry Lab (Tory G. ’20 & Nancy X. ’20)
5th: Machines: (Kayla D. ’21 & Sabine C. ’22)
“Our US Science Olympiad Team proved that girls in science ‘totally rock,’” said science teacher Onika Murray, who coaches the team alongside Science Department Head Dalia Aidoo. “I would like to extend a special thanks to our senior and junior captains, Tory G. ’20, Julie L. ’20 and Julia M. ’21 for their absolute wonderful leadership and dedication,” noted Murray in sharing the news. 
According to Julie, “Preparing for Science Olympiad requires much outside-of-school preparation,” as students must teach themselves much of the advanced science topics covered at the competition. 
Julie further shared that students must compete in events across all divisions of science. “Some categories are more traditional, such as Chemistry Lab and Anatomy and Physiology, while others are focus on building, and require students to come to the competition with a pre-built structure, such as Detector Building and Protein Modelling,” Julie explained. “Others are more innovative and focus on teamwork and communication, such as Write it, Do it. Most events require participants to take a 50-minute test with their partner or present the structure they have built.”
“The competition is an all-day event, and we always have a great time competing, bonding as a team, and meeting students from other schools,” Julie added. 
Congratulations to the entire team, represented by the following students: 
Julie L. ’20
Tory G. ’20
Julia M. ’21
Sarai V. ’20
Nancy X. ’20 
Erin C. ’20
Anna G. ’21
Courtney L. ’20
Kayla D. ’21 
Sabine C. ’22
Hreedi D. ’20
Sarah P. ’23
Sophia T. ’23
Sofia K. ’22
Maren L. ’22
Ushrat A. ’23