New ‘In the Zone’ Video Series Highlights Teaching and Learning at Spence

The Spence School has launched the first edition of a video series, In the Zone, that highlights teaching and learning at Spence. The debut video, hosted by Spence’s own Michele Murphy, Director of Curriculum, and Eric Zahler, Director of Teaching and Learning, features a foundational concept in learning: the zone of proximal development. 
This thought-provoking piece is the first in a series of periodic videos that will cover “a range of topics that provide a window into the K-12 academic experience,” said Head of School Bodie Brizendine.
“We are excited to lift up conversations about academics and bring special focus to our classrooms and the work of our teachers and our students,” Brizendine emphasized. “Welcome to ‘The Zone’ and enjoy watching our take on what makes students’ learning more powerful and productive.”