Spence Takes Home 15 Awards at Princeton Model Congress Competition

The Spence delegation of Model Congress received 15 awards at this year’s Princeton Model Congress in Washington, D.C., where they spent four days crafting and debating bills in a Congressional simulation-style tournament alongside over 1,000 high school students nationwide. 
Spence’s team of 16 built upon their previous successes at last year’s competition, in which they earned five awards. Among their many accolades this year, the Spence team, led by senior heads Siew Teng O. ’20 and Maddie S. ’20, and junior heads Chloe S. ’21, Jackie C. ’21 and Artemis X., was recognized as the Most Improved Delegation.  
Chloe explained that the competition, “encourages active involvement in the democratic process” by challenging students to identify nationwide problems and propose legislation to address them. Students do this work within assigned committees in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, including the House Committee on International Relations, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and many others. Students then present their proposed bills to their committees, and, if successful, to the full Congress, before the bills are signed into law or vetoed by the President of Princeton Model Congress.
Over the course of the trip, students also have the opportunity to explore Washington, D.C. to see the city’s many landmarks, sites and museums that relate to United States history and government. 
“The trip provides a unique experience to gain exposure to the inner workings of our government,” said Chloe. “Every time I go, I come back with a greater understanding of complex issues. My fellow delegates, through challenging my beliefs, force me to reevaluate how to defend my values.”
Congratulations to the entire Spence Model Congress delegation represented by the students listed below and to team advisors, history teacher Aleysha Taveras and Middle/Upper School nurse Chris Colligan.
Divya M. ’20
Siew Teng O. ’20
Charlotte R. ’20
Maddie S. ’20
Jackie C. ’21
Kate D. ’21
Lily K. ’21
Chloe S. ’21
Elliott S. ’21
Artemis X. ’21
Morgan H. ’22
Ana Lucia M. ’22
Gwendolyn N. ’22
Maddy C. ’23
Anna-Sophia S. ’23
Hara S. ’23
Princeton Model Congress, the oldest Model Congress in the country, strives to educate students in the workings of the American government and to encourage their active involvement in the democratic process. Each year, students from across the country gather in the nation’s capital to discuss the pressing issues of the day in a Congressional simulation moderated by Princeton undergraduate students.