Spence Science Olympiad Team Takes Home Four Awards

Fifteen Spence students showcased their science skills at the NY Regional Science Olympiad Tournament. Competing alongside schools such as Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Collegiate, among others, Spence students brought home four awards in the following categories:

  • 1st in Write it, Do it (Courtney L. ’20 and Erin C. ’20). 
  • 5th in Codebusters (Tory G. ’20, Nancy X. ’20 and Sabine C. ’22) 
  • 6th in Astronomy (Nancy X. ’20 and Sabine C. ’22)
  • 10th in Disease Detectives (Tory G. ’20 and Julie L. ’20)

According to Spence science teacher Dr. Onika Murray, the team “worked diligently in preparation for the [competition] which included 70+ teams from across the five boroughs (~1,275 students).”
In addition to flexing their scientific muscles, students had to rely on problem-solving skills and teamwork to succeed at the competition. Murray shared that in the Write it, Do it category, one student had to write a description of an object and how to build it, while the other student had to construct an object from her teammate’s description. In the Codebusters event, teams had to cryptanalyze (decode) encrypted messages, while participants in the Disease Detectives category had to "use their investigative skills in the scientific study of disease.” 
In all, students had the opportunity to compete in events from a variety of scientific disciplines, including genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. 
According to the Science Olympiad website, “Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events in each division,” with a focus on “active, hands-on group participation.” 
Members of the Spence Science Olympiad Team include: Emma V. ’19, Tory G. ’20, Julie L. ’20, Alison P. ’19, Sarai V. ’20, Nancy X. ’20, Erin C. ’20, Sana B. ’21, Julia M. ’21, Anna G. ’21, Courtney L. ’20, Sabine C. ’22, Samantha H. ’19, Hreedi D. ’20 and Marissa F. ’19. 
“We would…like to thank co-coach Dr. Brandon Kraft for his continuous contributions, and Mr. Scott Godsen for stepping in on short notice to judge an event,” Murray said. 
She added, “Our Spence students have established their presence in STEM and will take their careers very, very far. Congratulations!”