Spence Model Congress Team Goes to Washington, D.C.

Sixteen Spence students learned firsthand what it takes to debate bills on the Congress floor as part of the 36th Annual Princeton Model Congress.

The Spence delegation of Model Congress--led by Sylvie K. ’19, Maddie S. ’20 and Siew O. ’20--joined over 1,000 high schoolers from around the country in Washington, D.C. for the conference, where they spent four days participating in a simulation of all three branches of the United States government. The goal of the annual conference is to promote civic engagement in high schools across the country.

Much like a real Congress, delegates research and write their own bills on topics they care about, which they then present to their committees, and, if successful, to the full Congress, before the bills make their way to the President of Princeton Model Congress to be signed into law or vetoed.

According to Sylvie, “the conference was very successful.” She noted that many Spence girls had their bills pass in committee (10-15 members) and presented in full (45-75 members). Five of Spence’s delegates won awards - two gavels (best delegate) and three honorable mentions.

Congratulations to Spence’s Model Congress delegation on a job well done!