Spence Soccer Wins 1st AAIS Tournament Championship!

In team sports, the prevailing wisdom is "be the best team you play!" What that means is that every member of the team is invested in coming to practice each and every single day, willing to put themselves on the line for the team; to push and challenge and support each other, in the unselfish pursuit of a singular TEAM goal.

The 2019 Spence Soccer team embraced that wisdom, put it into practice and in the AAIS Championship match, against a formidable foe in Packer, played fearless team soccer, capturing the school’s first undefeated AAIS regular season and tournament championships in soccer.

The raucous crowd was teeming with True Blue Spirit was definitely a “12th player,” cheering clearing plays, crisp passes and magical moments. Just about mid-way through the first half, Spence capitalized, as sophomore Belle G. sent a ball skittering across the face of the goal, eluding both a Packer defender and goalkeeper, to the back post for freshman Sarah P. to deposit the ball into the back of the net, for the game’s first magical moment, and a 1-0 Spence lead.

In the waning minutes of that first frame, a Packer attacker broke in alone and seemed to have the game tying tally on her boot, when a blue bolt came flying across the goal mouth to rescue the ball from finding paydirt, as senior Indira T. slammed the door on Packer’s attempt to level the game.

As the best teams do, they face adversity together with steely determination forged in the long and challenging practices of August. "Be the best team you play" means every drill, every practice, every player matters and contributes to the achievement of goals unattainable by a single player alone. The second half brought this into full belief, with Sabers playing different roles, taking on new assignments on the fly and the support and encouragement of their teammates fueling the tank with the energy to drive to the finish. Spence played "bend, don’t break" soccer, as Packer pressed the issue, looking to send the game into extra time. The Sabers showed tremendous resolve, taking chances and putting their trust in their teammates, a chemistry built by raising the bar for each other every day. 

This week’s “Quote of the Week,” was one selected especially for occasions where preparation and historic opportunity intersect, as great champion, Muhammad Ali said, “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them. A desire, a dream, a vision.” There is little doubt the Sabers possessed all three, and now, for the first time in school history, the 2019 Spence Soccer team owns the two titles, undefeated AAIS Regular Season and Tournament Champions! 

The Sabers will await tomorrow’s NYSAISAA selection call for their seeding in the upcoming NY State Independent School tournament.

Congratulations to the Spence Sabers on your historic season! Saber The Moment, but you are not done yet!

2019 Spence Soccer—AAIS CHAMPIONS!

Captains: 7 Caroline S. and 10 Indira T. 
0 Eve P.
1 Sarah P.
2 Olivia S.
3 Annie K.
4 Ellie C. 
5 Malia K.
6 Sydney N.
8 Belle G.
9 Chloe S.
11 Beatrice C.
12 Megan L.
13 Lucy N.
14 Senna R.
15 Grace S.
17 Bea G.
30 Sophia T.

Coach Davies, Coach Angelidis and Coach Whalen
ATC’s: Ms. Carter and Dr. Brozowski