Varsity Soccer Drops Heartbreaker in AAIS Quarterfinal

The saying “sport imitates life” is never truer than when a team faces adversity. Regardless of the actual outcome, it is how a team chooses to take on obstacles that is the most significant and emblematic of a team’s character. Faced with a series of obstacles in the last two weeks, the Sabers’ Varsity Soccer team pulled together to play for one another, a True Blue reflection of their unselfish team leaders. 
Facing a seasoned and determined opponent in Marymount, the Sabers were unable to replicate their improbable two-goal comeback victory from a week ago. However, the value gleaned from Monday’s AAIS Quarterfinal battle will mark the moment the Sabers’ Varsity Soccer program turned the corner from “hopeful contender” to “resilient team, with expectations of success,” a pivotal moment in the developing legacy of Spence soccer. 
With upsets abound in the AAIS Soccer Tournament, the Sabers will await word on a potential at-large bid to the NYSAIS Soccer Tournament, based upon their body of work this season. Regardless of if the team dons their blue and gold again this season, there is no mistaking that the youthful Sabers were led by the competitive spirit, heart and desire of their seniors and juniors. This leadership core of Marissa F., Sam H., Esme L., Emma v.B., Caroline S. and Indira T. knows exactly how far the program has grown over the last 4 years; the program’s future success will be stamped with their trademark passion, dedication, diligence and fierce desire to never be content with a “good effort” when a great effort is never outside of their reach.
Congratulations to the Sabers on a memorable and important campaign and we will await word on a potential NYSAIS bid at week’s end.