2017-2018 Athletics Awards Celebration

In a remarkable year that saw 7 of the 11 varsity teams that compete in the AAIS finish either 1st or 2nd in the league, the Spence community gathered to celebrate the Sabers’ Pack. The theater roared to the slide show featuring the moments of relentless will and fierce determination, highlighted by the smiles and celebrations of the tight-knit True Blue family! As they had throughout the year, the Pack celebrated one another with boundless energy, born of a true appreciation of the sacrifice and commitment made by their fellow student-athletes. An energy that was just as contagious throughout the Spence Community all-year long, was present in abundance on Wednesday evening.

The celebration of underscored the investment in the process of using failure to fuel their drive and internal fire. An appreciation of their greatest gift from their coaches, the lesson that failure is not fatal, it is in fact where the greatest learning occurs. Adopting failure as a tool to build their resiliency and drive and learning to use failure, instead of fearing it, and understanding that to do so makes failure one of the most valuable and versatile tools one can possess in the game of life! There was the opportunity to reflect on the “secret formula” to team success, every member’s obligation to lead – beginning with the responsibility to self-lead, and knowing and believing the rest of their Pack is committed to the same.

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The coaches of each AAIS varsity team presented their all-stars, as selected by the league’s opposing coaches.

CROSS COUNTRY: Eloise F. and Brooke P.
SOCCER: Indira T. and Malia K.
VOLLEYBALL: Gracie S., Tatum D. and Ava F.
BASKETBALL: Livia S.M. and Emma v.B.
INDOOR TRACK: Laura F., Eloise F. and Esme L.
SQUASH: Annie K., Chloe P. and Louise W.
SWIMMING: Sylvie B. and Mary McKenzie G.
BADMINTON: Bates C., Louise W. and Celia S.
LACROSSE: Caroline S. and Sara Rose S.
SOFTBALL: Cameron K., Fiona F., Eliza B.
TENNIS: Elisabeth S. and Sarah Y.
TRACK AND FIELD: Eloise F., Emma v.B. and Hadley H.
The Pack celebrated their graduating seniors with a special Spence token to take along with them on their next adventure:

Class of 2018 Sabers
Maddie A.
Mary McKenzie G.
Celia S.
Zoe C.
Namrita K.
Gracie S.
Caitlyn C.
Anais M.
Julia S.
Bates C.
Mary M.
Caroline S.
Grace F.
Sophia N.
Livia S.M.
Fiona F.
Sylvie P.
Mado W.
Laura F.
Parvati R.
Hannah Y.
Sarah G.
Hannah R.
The success of the spring was highlighted, with all 5 spring teams having advanced to the AAIS semifinals or further. Badminton and tennis having earned AAIS tournament runner-up honors and softball and track and field each crowned AAIS champions.
Award Presentations

Managers of the Year:
Natalia C., Elizabeth D. and Sarah H., Veronike L.
Distinguished Seniors:
This group of student-athletes brings honor and special distinction to their teams, the Spence Sabers and most importantly their leadership extends to touch the entire Spence community. Distinguished senior recognition is bestowed to those senior athletes for their outstanding contributions to the Spence athletic community and for their efforts in the pursuit of athletic excellence

Badminton: Bates C.
Softball: Fiona F.
Swimming: Mary McKenzie G.
Volleyball: Mary M.
Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse: Sophia N.
Indoor and Outdoor Track: Sylvie P.
Volleyball: Parvati R.
Badminton: Celia S.
Volleyball: Gracie S.
Scholar-Athletes of the Year:
In an environment as demanding as Spence it takes drive, focus, time management and commitment to balance excellence as a leader in the classroom, in the community, as well as in the competitive arena. These two student-athletes have reached exceptional heights in all three areas, while doing so as team captains and active leaders in our Spence Community. Both are exceptional examples of the embodiment of the true essence of what it means to be a “scholar-athlete”. Presented to two senior student-athletes who have exhibited integrity and balance in the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence.

Laura F., Indoor and Outdoor Track and Hanna Y. Indoor Track and Tennis
All-Around Athlete Award:
All-Around Athlete Award is presented to a senior student-athlete who has participated on a variety of teams and has exhibited outstanding athletic ability and versatility in each area. A tenacious, gifted athlete that works to the top of her potential.

Livia S.M., Volleyball, Basketball and Lacrosse
White Blazer:
The White Blazer is one of the oldest Spence Athletics traditions. The White Blazer represents the willingness to lead by taking the road less traveled and the strength and courage to negotiate that road, regardless of the obstacles or challenges along the path.

Caroline S., Soccer and Lacrosse
The Marilyn Lunnetta Spirit Award:
This is the 9th presentation of the Lunnetta Spirit Award, and it is presented, in Ms. Lunnetta’s memory, to the senior who best personifies the qualities of love of competition, selfless sacrifice for the betterment of their team and Spence Athletics. The most important component however, is the recipient’s embodiment of Ms. Lunnetta’s own words, “Nothing supersedes kindness, not intellect, not motivation…if kindness leads us, we cannot fail.”

Anais M., Field Hockey and Swimming and Mado W., Lacrosse
Congratulations to the Sabers on a memorable year!